Fantastic Flame Screensaver

Fantastic Flame Screensaver 7.2

Let your desktop look like it's on fire

This is both a screensaver and a fun creative tool. Its main purpose is to represent a realistic flame effect on your desktop. This program was initially created to demonstrate a simple flame effect and no more.

At the time flame rendering algorithm was very simple. It was identical to the flame generation algorithm used in few DOS screensavers and ZX-Spectrum demos. The app has evolved since though and you can now experience all manner of cool effects.

Highlights of Fantastic Flame Screensaver:

  • True mathematical algorithm generates very realistic real-time fire effects
  • Unlimited number of color combinations. Additional flame parameters such as wind gust speed and direction, burning intensity, etc.
  • Lexible presets system
  • Comfortable and intuitively understood fire effects editor with a real-time preview
  • 'Random' fire style, so you never get tired of watching!
  • Lots of awesome flame backgrounds!
  • Take snapshots of your burning desktop anytime with a single key press
  • Background sound effects

Fantastic Flame Screensaver


Fantastic Flame Screensaver 7.2

User reviews about Fantastic Flame Screensaver

  • Daniel_D

    by Daniel_D

    "I LOVE IT!!!"

    At first i thought it'd just be another mediocre screensaver, but when i downloaded it, WOW. the things it could do. Bea... More.

    reviewed on April 8, 2010